Well done! Links and References

PSD Workshop organizers thank all participants for their great work. It was fun and creative event, was it not?

Here are some links and references as promised:

  • http://www.juliantreasure.com and http://www.soundbusiness.biz
  • http://designingsound.org/
  • http://audio-branding-academy.org
  • Erkut, C., 2011. Product Sound Design: Past, Present, Future. In Akustiikkapäivät 2011. Akustiikkapäivät 2011. Tampere, Finland, pp. 37–43.
  • Rocchesso, D., Serafin, S. & Rinott, M., 2013. Pedagogical approaches to sonic interaction design. In S. Serafin & K. Franinovic, eds. Sonic Interaction Design. MIT Press
  • Serafin, S., Franinovic, K., Hermann, T., Lemaitre, G., Rinott, M., & Rocchesso, D. (2011). Sonic Interaction Design. In T. Hermann, A. Hunt, & J. G. Neuhoff, The Sonification Handbook (pp. 87–110). Berlin, Germany: Logos Publishing House.
  • Caramiaux, B., Altavilla, A., Pobiner, S., & Tanaka, A. (2015). Form Follows Sound: Designing Interactions from Sonic Memories. Proc. CHI, Seoul, Korea. See also 

More information on the Product Sound Design Workshop at Lydens Hus 13.5 at 13:00

Product Sound Design Tools of the Trade

Tools of the trade, from a previous workshop.

Here is more information and tentative program about the workshop

Time Activity Leader Activities
13:00 Introduction Cumhur, Linn SA Holm Danish Sound, PSD, Gestural Sound Toolkit
13:15 SID WS Cumhur, Stefania SonicIncident, VocalSketch, ActionSound
14:00 CP#1 GST Working, ActionSound Ready
14:15 PSD WS Michael P#1, 1 minute student projects
15:00 CP#2 Cumhur Synthesis banks loaded from freesound.org
15:15 Brand WS Jonniy Audiowise Sound ID intro, case studies, P#2
16:00 CP#3 All P#2 ideas, GST material ready
16:00 Presentations
16:15 PSD Final Presentation ALL, Whitepaper#1 Wrap up
16:30 END

Few seats are still available, please signup here.


1. Why are we doing this?
    Workshops are situated and active way of knowledge production (learning by doing). This shared knowledge between Industry and Academia should enable more enjoyable and usable products in the future.
2. Did the organizers made similar workshops before?
    Yes, since 2008 on, with durations ranging from an hour to several weeks. Check, e.g., http://smc2012.smcnetwork.org/summer-school/, here, and here,
3. OK, I am interested. What should I bring with me?
    Nothing, practically. If you want to test/reuse some of the workshop at home, here are some suggestions:
– http://charlie-roberts.com/Control/ (free/open source OSC/MIDI controller for connecting to the GST)
– https://www.freesound.org for Creative-Commons licensed sounds and music